Goal: Propagation and information support of the open access model and principles

KA1 fulfills ALCU Open Access Policy practically (only in Czech), which ALCU affirmed by its signing of The Berlin Declaration in 2012.

KA1 pays attention to the information support of the open access model. KA1 focuses on the observation of the current trends in the open access movement on the local as well as global level (particularly the competition between the green and gold open access models).

KA1 main activities are dedicated to the development of the communication platforms for experience exchange among the university open access librarians, IT repository administrators etc. The communication platforms are based on miscellaneous channels, e.g. seminars, working meetings, e‑mail conferences, webpages, FB and Twitter pages.

KA1 supports an international cooperation in the open access field, e.g. by an attendance of its members at the international conferences and workshops.

The ALCU supports KA1 by its membership in the international organizations (e.g. SPARC Europe).

The KA1 goals are performed by ALCU Open Access Initiative.


Mgr. Pavla Rygelová, VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, e-mail: pavla.rygelova@vsb.cz