Bibliotheca academica 2024

October 8–9, 2024 (+ pre-conference programme Oct 7, 2024)

University of Ostrava, CITY CAMPUS – New building of Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

Černá louka 3398, 702 00 Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz


Good service: the goal and the journey

Academic library services should be designed with the needs and expectations of users (but also of funders) in mind and should be efficient, simple and easy to understand. Like everyone, libraries need to respond to changing demands, match them with technological and financial possibilities, and ensure accessibility for all, while maintaining as much user-friendliness as possible. How to manage the fact that demands for change are coming faster and faster; perhaps even faster than the stable environment of universities can adapt?

The conference aims to present modern and proven approaches to creating user-friendly services so that we always know who we are doing it for and why.


Association of Libraries of Czech Universities


University of Ostrava

Registration start day: May 28, 2024

Registration: September 8, 2024, or at full capacity

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